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How do I display Android Monitor/LogCat in Android Studio 2.2.2

I'm getting one of those "Unfortunately (your app) has stopped" errors before it even gets to my first OnCreate(), and, trying to be a good Stack Overflow netizen, I went first to Unfortunately MyApp has stopped. How can I solve this?

...where it says...

Note: This answer is using Android Studio 2.2.2

Note 2: I am considering that your device is successfully connected.

The first thing you do when your application crashes is look into the
LogCat, at the bottom of Android Studio there's a toolbar with a list
of menus:


Click on the "Android Monitor" (The one I underlined in the image
above. ^)

But I don't have that toolbar, even though I'm running Android Studio 2.2.2.
I looked in the Tools, View and Window dropdowns and don't see anything called Android Monitor or Logcat.

So how do I get the tabs and windows referenced in that Stack Overflow link to appear?


CommonsWare's comment, below, indicated where Android Monitor was so I can get on with the debugging, but I still don't know where that toolbar came from so they suggested I post a screenshot. So here it is...

enter image description here

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See if View > Tool Buttons is checked. If not, check it.

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