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how to generate results from selenium rc

How can I generate results from selenium rc, I can see the results in server window but want to get them into a text file.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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This can be done in many ways. Consider selenium 1.x

  1. From in built selenium server Log

    java selenium-server.jar -log abc.txt . This one creates all the Server log into abc.txt of your server location

    java selenium-server.jar -log abc.txt -browserSideLog . This on also includes browser side log

  2. By using any third party libraries

    There are some third party selenium log libraries available (such as com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.LoggingCommandProcessor ) which presents the result (log) in .html format

  3. Running selenium client on any Testing Frameworks (such as JUNIT or TESTNG) : if we execute selenium client in a the mentioned containers, they will present the results ( proper results not the log ) in .xml files. this is the best approach . This one makes use of ASSERTION mechanism

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