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C# Question

Upload files to a specific folder in dropbox

I was using this example to upload files to dropbox:

Which is:

public FileSystemInfo UploadFile(string root, string path, string file)

The method has 3 parameters:

root: The root relative to which the path is specified. Valid values
are sandbox and dropbox.

path: The path to the file you want to

file: Absolute path to the local file you want to upload

Call this method as follows:

var file = api.UploadFile("dropbox", "photo.jpg", @"C:\Pictures\photo.jpg");

Dropbox API says exactly the same as the example:

So no mentioning of "parent folder"..

How can I upload files under a specific folder instead of the root?

Answer Source

cant you just do

var file = api.UploadFile("dropbox", @"myfolder\photo.jpg", @"C:\Pictures\photo.jpg");  
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