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jQuery Question

FileReader.onload can not return successful in time

I want to get the image file stream and pass them to the background like,but every time I try to fire the onload event ,it always accomplish after the programming passed.

I tried to use setTimeout to prevent it and let it processing and waiting it Success ,but it failed .
the comment of below explains which step I failed.thanks.

$("#goodsImage").change(function (e) {
if ($("#goodsImage").val() == "")
alert("please choose the image you want to upload");

var filepath = $("#goodsImage").val();

var extStart=filepath.lastIndexOf(".");
var ext=filepath.substring(extStart,filepath.length).toUpperCase();
alert("only images could be uploaded");
setTimeout(function () {
//I want to use setTimeOut to delay it
}, 1000);

//always undefined!!!
if ($("#hidImageStream").val() != "")
$.post("@Url.Action("UploadGoodImage")", { localPath: readerRs }, function (e)
if (e) {
else {



function readFile(file) {
var reader = new FileReader();
reader.onload = readSuccess;

//always success after post request accomplished.
function readSuccess(evt) {

value =;


Answer Source

here is a few tips

<-- use accept and only allow image mimetype. It can accept extension to -->
<input type="file" name="pic" accept="image/*">
  • Also reading the file as readAsText is a horrible idea for binary. (All doe i saw you change to base64).
  • readAsDataURL isn't that grate either since it's ~3x larger upload and needs more cpu/memory.
  • Spoofing the filename is very easy so best is to actually test if it's a image

$("#goodsImage").change(function() {
    // We use `this` to access the DOM element instead of target
    for (let file of this.files) {
        // Test if it's a image instead of looking at the filename
        let img = new image
        img.onload = () => {
            // Success it's a image
            // upload file
            let fd = new FormData
            fd.append('file', file)

                url: '',
                data: fd,
                processData: false, // so jquery can handle FormData
                type: 'POST',
                success: function( data ) {
                    alert( data )

        img.onerror = () => {
            // only images dude

        img.src = URL.createObjectURL(file)
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