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how to do a Join in Entity Framework

Instead of writing a linq query, is there a way I can just do a join by simply doing something like this:

using (var db = new MatchGamingEntities())
db.Accounts.Join() //I am unsure of the syntax

return View(Account.SingleOrDefault());

I want to use these predefined Entity functions instead of writing linq, is it practical? Also how do you use these predefined functions? I have a table called "Accounts" and "BankTransactions" they both have AccountId in common, How would I query that using these functions and what type of result would it return its one to many relationship.

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LINQ is really your better bet, things start to get hectic in Lambda's really fast and linq just looks a lot better given the structured way compared to lambda's

See this SO Post:

C# Joins/Where with Linq and Lambda

var query = db.Accounts.Join(db.BankTransactions,
     Account => acc.AccountID,
     bank=> bank.AccountID,
     (acc,bank) => new {Account = acc, BankTransaction = bank });

Edit: This should(or something similar) return a query that will return a collection of Accounts and inside each account it's relevant BankTransaction.

This should do it but again, rather use linq if possible

Edit: Just as an afterthought, you can add additional lamba extensions like a where clause to the above one

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