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SQL Question

Wildcard with multiple values?

I get these Challenge on HackerRank

Write a query to print the list of CITY that start with vowels (a, e,
i, o, u) in lexicographical order. Do not print duplicates.

My solution:

Select DISTINCT(City)
From Station
Where City like 'A%'
or City like 'E%'
or City like 'I%'
or City like 'O%'
or City like 'U%'
Order by City;

Other solution:

select distinct(city) from station
where upper(substr(city, 1,1)) in ('A','E','I','O','U');

This is very clever, but I want to know, if are there any other ways to solve this?

Any kind of DB is OK.

Thank you :D

Answer Source

Regular expressions in MySQL / MariaDB:

select distinct city from station where city regexp '^[aeiouAEIOU]' order by city
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