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Android Multiple File Selector/Chooser Dialog

I have been scouring the internet for a simple easy to implement Android file chooser dialog that also has the option of selecting multiple files and returning a uri or string array with all the files selected.

Currently I use aFileChooser on github and it is according to me better than android-file-dialog. But neither address the issue of passing multiple files.

I am only an intermediate android developer but I think this would be something not so hard to implement by a pro.

I have looked at the code of aFileChooser and I think adding a check box to the file item would be the way to go but as far as code is concerned i am clueless and the developer seems he's not really gonna work on it in the foreseeable future

So in short im requesting for help to either add the select multiple files option to aFileChooser via the github or here, or maybe suggest to me a better dialog that does what i want.

Answer Source

Thank's to the answer above, I've made a simple library that addresses the concern. It not only passes an array of file paths but you can also use to select a folder.

  • It has thumbnails for image files
  • auto scrolls to last scroll position
  • will soon have language support for several locales

Here it is:

enter image description here

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