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Creating Java Object with reserved keywords as variable name

I have JSON that needs to be converted to a Java Object. The JSONs I need to handle can look like this:

"documents": [
"title": "Jobs",
"is-saved": false,
"abstract": "<span class=\"hit\">Jobs</span> may refer to:\n\n* Steve <span class=\"hit\">Jobs</span> (1955–2011), co-founder and former CEO of consumer electronics company...<br />",
"id": "Jobs",
"url": "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jobs"

"keywords_local": [
"keyword": "Jobs",
"interest": 1,
"angle": 0
"sessionid": "6cd6402e-1f67-45a8-b0fa-e79a5d0d50f4",
"q": "Jobs",

This JSON is returned when entering a search keyword on a searchengine, in this case "Jobs". I have not named these variables-to-be-created, this JSON was just "given" to me from a similar earlier app. So I'm obviously having trouble with variables is-saved and abstract. Abstract is a reserved keyword and everywhere I read a reserved keyword CANNOT be used as a variable name.

I do not have access to the previous app that I am sort of updating and I guess the point to that is that I need to figure it out by myself ;) But I am a bit of a stand still now, have no idea of how to move forward.

I'm a newbie, so do not give me hell if I'm asking a stupid question, it's my first time coding any sort of app! ;)
Thanks for any help!

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Another option you've got is to use Jackson, and use the @JsonProperty annotation..

private String abstractText;
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