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AngularJS Question

angular.injector.invoke makes my controller undefined

While learning angular, read a blog which elaborate that

we can access factory/service outside of controller using angular.injector() , But when I try this, it gives my main controller is undefined error and everything stops working.

see the

with commented culprit code block.Below is main code of lines using

var app = angular.module('AlphaModule', []);
// service added
app.service('tea', function(){
return {
teaType: function(teaType) {
console.log('Service => Morning tea must be ' + teaType);
sayHello: function(msg) {
console.log('Service => Hello ' + msg);

// ERROR in console when uncomment this code block

// main controller definition
var AlphaController = function($injector, tea) {
var vm = this;
vm.timeNow = new Date().getTime();

app.controller('AlphaController', AlphaController );

Please highlight what am I missing/ wrong doing here?

My Guess:

I also read that $injector are singleton . What exactly this means? can we use
only once! or may be this is the issue as i have used $injector in

Answer Source

Your module name mentioned is wrong. module name is actualy AlphaModule not app.


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