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Firefox remembers wrong details username

I've seen similar questions but nothing that seems to fix the issue I'm having.

I have a 2 step registration form process. On the first page you enter an email address, on the 2nd step you enter a password (and other details).

Firefox offers to remember your details but takes the date of birth field (the last textbox before the password field) as the username. The email address is in a hidden value on the page.

Does anyone know how I can tell Firefox that the email address field is the identifier for the password?

I know I can use autocomplete="off", but we still want the user to remember their password, just with the correct values.

Many thanks

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Make sure the name attributes are different for each input.

It may be the case that the browser identifies the first input as username or some equivalent, if no better alternative can be recognised.


Hmm. Well now I'm firing blind, but here's a guess: Firefox might not save form values for hidden inputs, and look for a substitute instead.

Try this: on the second stage, feature the name input as a text input type, not a hidden input type, but hide it with css. Then things might work better.

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