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use "wine" with php's shell_exec

I am currently trying to use a "wine" command from my PHP-Script.

If i execute this:

$shell = shell_exec("/usr/bin/wine --version");

All is working fine and WINE version is displayed in $shell.

But, if i try to make it like this:

$run = shell_exec("/usr/bin/wine ".$workdir."/bin/tool.exe -m ".$workdir."/bin/std.maps -a ".$workdir."/bin/alias.file -n ".$workdir."/files/".$project_name."/upload/dump.bin -o ".$workdir."/files/".$project_name."/maps/definitions.list");

Which results in:

$run = shell_exec("/usr/bin/wine /var/www/html/bin/tool.exe -m /var/www/html/bin/std.maps -a /var/www/html/bin/alias.file -n /var/www/html/files/1-59374-94700/upload/dump.bin -o /var/www/html/files/1-59374-94700/maps/definitions.list 2>&1");

I get the following output:

wine: chdir to /.wine : No such file or directory

What i am doing wrong? If i enter the command above directly to the shell, all is working fine. If i do it without /usr/bin/ in front of wine, the output's are the same.

Br, Chris

Answer Source

I haven't try it myself but I think it is because wine is run as different user with different environment settings. Try create .wine directory inside /var/www and make www-data user owner of this directory and make /var/www/.wine HOME directory.

$run = shell_exec("HOME=/var/www/.wine /usr/bin/wine ".$workdir."/bin/tool.exe -m ".$workdir."/bin/std.maps -a ".$workdir."/bin/alias.file -n ".$workdir."/files/".$project_name."/upload/dump.bin -o ".$workdir."/files/".$project_name."/maps/definitions.list");
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