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Python 3: How to convert array to list of dictionary?

def get_list(name, ids):
single_database = {}
database = []
for id in ids:
single_database['id'] = id
single_database['name'] = name

return database

input = [{'name': 'David', 'id': ['d1','d2']},
{'name':'John', 'id': ['j1','j2']}]

for single_database in input:
get_list(single_database['name'], single_database['id'])

I want to convert the above "input" array to list of dictionary, so I wrote the code to convert them. However, "get_list" function only release the last dictionary. So, how to get all list of dictionary and keep using "get_list" function. Also, except my way, there is any way to convert this input faster ?

This is the output I want:

{'id': 'd1', 'name': 'David'}
{'id': 'd2', 'name': 'David'}
{'id': 'j1', 'name': 'John'}
{'id': 'j2', 'name': 'John'}

Answer Source

This should work

list_of_dicts = [
    {'id': id, 'name': d['name']}
    for d in input
    for id in d['id']

or in a more verbose form:

def get_list(input):

    list_of_dicts = []

    for d in input:
        for id in d['id']:
                'id': id, 
                'name': d['name']

    return list_of_dicts

In general, try to avoid temporary variables (like your single_database) and use literals instead.

Also, input is a poor choice for a variable name, since it hides an important built-in.

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