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Javascript Question

Convert MySql DateTime stamp into JavaScript's Date format

Does anyone know how I can take a MySQL

data type value, such as
and either parse it or convert it to work in JavaScript's
function, for example:- Date('YYYY, MM, DD, HH, MM, SS);

Thank you!

Answer Source

Some of the answers given here are either overcomplicated or just will not work (at least, not in all browsers). If you take a step back, you can see that the MySQL timestamp has each component of time in the same order as the arguments required by the Date() constructor.

All that's needed is a very simple split on the string:

// Split timestamp into [ Y, M, D, h, m, s ]
var t = "2010-06-09 13:12:01".split(/[- :]/);

// Apply each element to the Date function
var d = new Date(t[0], t[1]-1, t[2], t[3], t[4], t[5]);

// -> Wed Jun 09 2010 13:12:01 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
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