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Scala Question

Treating an Array of (String, Int) Tuples like a Dictionary

I have a list of tuples that looks like the following:

(("String1", Value1), ("String2", Value2), ...)

Where string is a
and value is a
. Is there a method in scala to accomplish the following:

1) Search the list for a particular string value.

2) If we have a hit, return the value associated with the string.

3) If we have a miss, return -1.

This tuple sequence was created using
on an RDD of format RDD[K, V] where the keys were strings and the vals were the doubles. Originally I planned on using lookup on the RDD, but it appears that this work needs to be done on the driver (hence the


Maybe you can try to convert it to a map first then:

scala> val collection = Map(("hello", 1), ("world", 2))
collection: scala.collection.immutable.Map[String,Int] = Map(hello -> 1, world -> 2)

scala> collection getOrElse ("hello", -1)
res3: Int = 1

scala> collection getOrElse ("scala", -1)
res4: Int = -1