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Java Question

Eclipse Icons are really small on high resolution screen

As the title says, the icons in Eclipse are really small on my 2560x1600 laptop screen. I find that even turning down the resolution and plugging it into my 1080p monitor still results in the icons being tiny.

I found an answer that led to this site: but I have no idea how to use that. Could someone please help?

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

The author posted instructions for his tool here. Basically, you have to run it from the command line and need to specify the Eclipse base directory. The tool will then iterate over all directories in order to double the size of all icons.

Syntax for usage is:

java -jar eclipse-icon-enlarger.jar \
            -b <Your Eclipse base directoy> \
            -o <Desired output directory> \
            --resizeFactor <Factor for icon increase>
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