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When is it appropriate to use = or == in C++?

What is the difference between the = and == operator in C++?

As this is a new language I am coding in I forgot the basics of coding operators such as = and == Ignore this question, I have already flagged it, I just got confused going into a new language that is all, Please vote to delete the question

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One is assignment and the other is comparing for equality. They do different things, so are "appropriate" in different contexts.

When you do

if (UI = 'y'){...}

you assign 'y' to the variable UI, and then that value is used as the boolean expression. The character 'y' is non-zero, which in C++ is the same as true.

When you do

if (UI == 'y'){...}

you compare the value in the variable UI with the value 'y' for equality. If both are equal the result is true otherwise it's false.

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