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Symfony2 commandline generation of twig templates under global folder

I'm using Symfony2.8 and when ever I use the command line for generating controllers and twig templates the templates are created under


I want to follow the best practices suggested by symfony docs and have it inside of the


I could just cut and paste the twig file and then change the
{% extends %}
if necessary, but then I would have lesser hair on my head because I would be pulling it out.

So what do I type in the prompt so that it generates the controller in the
as usual BUT the twig files would be under the global


Edit: new extended question

Answer Source

After playing a little with the path for template generation i succeeded in placing the twig file inside the app/Resources/views/ folder.

Assuming that you have the standard architecture of a symfony2 app: You could write the following path for the template when generator asks to specify the Templatename

Templatename (optional) [AppBundle:Post:get.html.twig]: ::../../../../app/Resources/views/Post/get.html.twig
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