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C# Question

How to call And get result of scalar valued function using entity framework

I am using entity framework 6.0.

I am having scalar valued function in sql server signatured as

fn_CartAmount(@CartId bigint) RETURNS decimal(18,2)

I want to call this function from entityframework and get its result.

Answer Source

You could try something like :

    public decimal GetCartAmount(int cartId)

        var returnCode = new SqlParameter("@ReturnCode", SqlDbType.Bit) { Direction = ParameterDirection.Output };

        object[] parameters =
            new SqlParameter(@"CartId", SqlDbType.BigInt) {Value = cartId}
            , returnCode

        string command = string.Format("exec @ReturnCode = dbo.fn_CartAmount @CartId");
        Database.ExecuteSqlCommand(command, parameters);

        return (decimal)returnCode.Value;
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