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AngularJS Question

Is there any way to use colorPicker in Angular WYSIWYG directive without using jQuery

When I remove the jquery refrence color picker is not working in WYSIWYG directive and in my project I should not use

so is there any way to do this without using jquery? Or is there any other editor which has no jquery refrence?plunker with jquery ref

Answer Source

demo :

The problem you have actually is not with colorPicker but with the wysiwyg module itself as stated in it's code comments:

Requires: Twitter-bootstrap, fontawesome, jquery, angularjs, bootstrap-color-picker

anyway, fortunately that module is using jquery only for bootstrap and tooltip plugin...

so i have:

  • replaced the original bootstrap with UI Bootstrap for angularjs
  • added ngSanitize module that provides functionality to sanitize HTML.
  • hacked the wysiwyg module to use the uib-tooltip directive
  • created a new ad-hoc directive for the contenteditable div
  • source plunker

hope this help. ;-)

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