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Java Question

SonarQube Findbugs "needs sources to be compiled"

I am trying to get SonarQube findbugs working, but when I try to run it I get the error: "Findbugs needs sources to be compiled. Please build project before executing sonar and check the location of compiled classes."

sonar.sources is set to a folder with all of my src files and sonar.binaries is set to a folder with all of my class and jar files. This layout works with findbugs for one of my projects, but on the other I get the above error.

This is the debug error provided when FindBugs will not run: http://pastie.org/9483921

How can I fix this, and is there a certain folder FindBugs needs classes/jars in to work?


Answer Source

Add property


To Sonar Configuration. If you ar using several proyects to build, use coma separed.

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