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How to iterate through com ports and print to console on Linux & C++?

I feel like this should be rather easy, but it continues to vex me, so here it is. I've been trying to find a simple solution to iterate through the available UART serial ports on linux (I'm running the most recent version of Manjaro Linux) and then printing these to the console. Yet, all of the solutions I've found thus far have been incredibly convoluted or they end up throwing a bunch of errors that I can'at figure out when I test them.

So, I've resorted to coming back here to see if anybody else has any ideas. On Windows, there is a

of Windows'
, maybe a similar API call would be the most ideal.


So after receiving an answer and using that information to learn a bit more about interacting with serial ports on linux, I eventually ran across a good way to accomplish this effect of iterating through the available ports. It's not quite as simple as a one-line command, but it works so it's fine with me. I found this method of iteration/sorting through the /sys/class/tty directory as an answer to another question (the author of the code that I used is named Søren Holm), and you can look at that here.

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Two simple possibilities:

  1. Serial ports on linux are character device files, you can see them on /dev/ttyS*. Serial ports created by an usb device are in /dev/ttyUSB*. This reduces your problem to a dirent iteration.

  2. There is also a thing named sysfs, it is essentially a runtime, non-persistant, kernel-internal registry which is exported to the user space via a virtual filesystem. Normally it is mounted below /sys. Below /sys/bus/serio/devices you can find the devices.

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