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C# Question

Selecting List<string> into Dictionary with index

I have a List

List<string> sList = new List<string>() { "a","b","c"};

And currently I am selecting this into a dictionary the following structure:

Dictionary<int, string> dResult = new Dictionary<int, string>();
for(int i=0;i< sList.Count;i++)
dResult.Add(i, sList[i]);

but with Linq I've seen some slimmer way like
ToDictionary((x,index) =>

How is the correct syntax or how can this be solved within one line?


You can use the overload of Select that projects the index to fill an anymous type:

Dictionary<int, string> dResult = sList
    .Select((s, index) => new { s, index })
    .ToDictionary(x => x.index, x => x.s);

That is the same as what your code does. If you instead want the result you've commented: (1,a)(2,b)(3,c)) you have to add +1 so ToDictionary(x => x.index+1, x => x.s).