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Right join query in symfony3 with doctrine

I want to convert the sql query below to doctrine query in symfony.

select,,sum(t.amount) as bal from transactions t right join processors p on where user_id=18 or user_id is null group by

The above code fetches balance from transactions table by summing up amounts of each transaction for a user for each processor.


Processor1 --------- 43

Processor2 --------- 12

Processor3 --------- NULL

Processor4 --------- NULL

Processor5 --------- NULL

The query i tried with dql is:

$sql = $procRepo->createQueryBuilder('t');
$sql->addSelect('sum(t.amount) as bal');


Processor1 --------- 43

Processor2 --------- 12

So my problem is i also want to get the NULL rows.

Note: I am using Symfony 3

Can anybody help?

Answer Source

You needs to invert the join statement to gets all processors:

$sql = $procRepo->createQueryBuilder('p');
$sql->select('', 'sum(t.amount) as bal');
$sql->leftJoin('p.transaction', 't');
$result = $sql->orderBy('')->getQuery()->getResult();

This query must be made in your ProcessorRepository.

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