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Android detecting on touch inside fragment

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I have two fragments in my activity. Fragment2 overlaps Fragment1. And Fragment1 takes up the entire screen. When the user taps Fragment1 I would like Fragment2 to disappear.

My question is how can I determine that Fragment1 was tapped?

Fragment1 is mostly made up of a webview which I was thinking I could use its setOnTouchListener but it doesn't seem to ever be called.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This is how I implemented the onTouchListener:

1) first I implemented "OnTouchListener"

public class Frag_ItemDetail extends Fragment implements OnTouchListener {

2)then I overrode onTouch

public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {
Log.d("myclass", "onTouch");
return false;

3) then I set the setOnTouchListener to my webview

WebView itemFullDescription = (WebView) v.findViewById(;

I set the onTouchListenerner on a button and it worked fine. It just isnt' working for the webview.

Answer Source

I extended the LinearLayout class and overrode onInterceptTouchEvent so if Fragment1 is touched Fragment2 would disappear, which is working.

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