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How to wrap calls with try/catch block?

Suppose, I have different functions, which can throw exceptions:

const Foo& func_foo(...); // Can throw exceptions
const Bar& func_bar(...); // Can throw exceptions
const FooBar& func_foobar(...); // Can throw exceptions

I have different places in code, which can use such functions in following way:

some_func(/*applying of func_foo or func_bar or func_foobar*/(...))

Actually, I am using result of functions immediately in many places within different functions.

What is best way to wrap calling of func_foo/func_bar_func_foobar functions with try/catch block without global rewriting of other pieces of code?

Ideally I want to use something like that (for example to call func_foo)


catch handler will propagate exception with different types

catch (const ExceptionFoo& e)
throw SomeException1("Some message from e");
catch (const ExceptionBar& e)
throw SomeException2("Some message from e");

Answer Source

I must admit that I find combining lambdas and macros quite fun.

#define TRY_CATCH_BLOCK(...)         \
    [&]() -> decltype(auto) {        \
        try {                        \
            return __VA_ARGS__;      \
        } catch(/* ... */) {         \
            /* Handle and rethrow */ \
        }                            \

This can be called just like you specified, including interleaved inside another function call.


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