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Python Question

How to use BeautifulSoup to get only strings from tags that have specific start?

I am scraping usernames and all of them are in the same a tag and their hrefs all start the same, like this:

<a href="http://lolprofile.net/summoner/eune/Sadastyczny" class="link5">Sadastyczny</a>

I tried finding only if they have the class link5 but there are other values that have that class which I don't want to scrape. So is there a way to search for all the tags which have the


in them but not the rest since that obviously is different for every username?

Answer Source

From the BeautifulSoup documentation.

Using a regular expression you can match the sites. If you have never heard of regular expressions you can use this:


Don't forget to import the re-module!

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