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Vb.net Question

Posting tweets from vb.net

How could I post custom tweets on my twitter account using vb.net?

If is not possible, which I doubt, is there any way to achive this with c# or javascript?

Answer Source

You can use the twitterizer library.

Here's an example how to use it:

Dim tokens As New OAuthTokens()
tokens.AccessToken = "XXX"
tokens.AccessTokenSecret = "XXX"
tokens.ConsumerKey = "XXX"
tokens.ConsumerSecret = "XXX"

Dim tweetResponse As TwitterResponse(Of TwitterStatus) = TwitterStatus.Update(tokens, "Hello, #Twitterizer")

If tweetResponse.Result = RequestResult.Success Then
        ' Tweet posted successfully!
        ' Something bad happened
End If

BTW, here's a list of avaiable twitter libraries (but it's not 100% up-to-date).

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