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MVC5 vs Angular JS

I've been working with ASP.NET MVC for about a year now. I enjoy the ability to create SPA's especially by using the following tools:

  1. Partial views(via html.action() and renderPartial())

  2. Ajax helpers (Ajax.Actionlink() and Ajax.beginform())

My question is, Is it safe to just continue without a JavaScript frameworks or am i seriously missing out on something by not utilising a
Javascript framework
Angular JS

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You are definitely missing some things.

The purpose of frameworks such as angular is not just to handle your bootstrap tab switches or whatever to display just parts of the UI rather than everything. Sure, you can create small and simple SPAs by utilizing such logic but once you come to create real-world apps that approach will become unusable. The reasons to this are:

  • Your site will be highly unmaintainable
  • Frameworks like angular provide much more than just templating (more on that in a moment) but features such as routing, which allows on-demand content loading. That is, instead of sending the whole page to the client, much of which (s)he maybe will not even take a look at, you can load fragments of HTML on-demand, which reduces network usage. Imagine you had to download everything (posts, images, videos, chat messages etc) on Facebook and hide them until you actually want to see them.

Back to templating, this is a very powerful feature. Again, in the case of simple apps you can use custom JS code - that is, concatenate strings to create fragments of HTML and then insert them into the DOM. But even with simple apps this is a smelly thing to do. Imagine you had to write custom JS to concatenate your chat messages in an app like Facebook then insert them into the DOM. With angular2, for example, you can do something like this:

  <li *ngFor="let msg of messages">{{msg.Sender}} said: {{msg.Content}}</li>

This way, Angular2 will do all the parsing and DOM handling for you. That is, you write declarative markup rather than imperative logic for what you want to display.

All in all, they help you to decouple the logic from the UI so you should definitely dig into any of the popular frameworks and get a taste of their capabilities if you want to create rich apps. You will not regret it.