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AngularJS Question

cannot find module 'angular2/core'

enter image description here

These red squiggly lines say

cannot find module 'angular2/core'
cannot find module 'angular2/router'
cannot find module 'angular2/http'
I checked other posts in SO but it seems they have no appropriate answer.

I also added a reference to the
files as seen below but still not working.
enter image description here

Other posts say that I need to configure something in the
file but I am using Visual Studio and I see no need to use the tscompiler suggested by the angular team because Visual Studio should be able to compile ts files automatically.

Am I missing something?

Is the
still required even if you use Visual Studio?

How do I get rid of these squiggly lines?


(I am using Visual Studio 2015 and latest Typescript engine)

I am not sure what exactly is the npm package manager. But I have a pre-built
file that was created when the project was created. I use this file for installing npm packages.
enter image description here

Answer Source

For ASP.NET 5.0 applications in VS 2015, configuring typescript is a bit challenging.

Until the tooling around typescript improves, you can configure typescript manually:

Step 1: Right-click project, and Unload Project 
Step 2: Right-click the unloaded project, and Edit the .xproj file
Step 3: Add a PropertyGroup node, under the Project node:

  <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)' == 'Debug'">
    <TypeScriptOutFile />
    <TypeScriptOutDir />
    <TypeScriptMapRoot />
    <TypeScriptSourceRoot />

Step 4: Right-click the unloaded project and Reload Project
Step 5: Re-build project

If you are still encountering the error where it cannot find the module, exit visual studio and reload the solution.

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