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How to get a total number of hours in Ruby on Rails app and show it on the index page?

I am working on an app where the user can log his working hours after he finished his shift. The app is developed in Ruby on Rails 4.I used the scaffold method, so it generated the necessary methods for create, read, update, delete. The fields are hours_worked:number overtime:boolean and date:datetime, for now, I plan to expand it later with more functionality, with user login and some other stuf. The model is empty, I did used the rake db:migrate method. Now I know that you can use the count method, as is shown on the official site for active record. I don't have the idea how to get the total number of hours worked and show it on the index page. Consider that I just started learning Rails. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like this is best used with the Timers gem.


In your Sessions#new method, you'd want to initialize a variable to keep track of the current time. And then every so often, you'd use one of the methods in the gem to update the current time. You could then subtract the difference.

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