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How to develop in Linux-Like Shell (bash) on Windows?

I'm Windows user. But according to my project requirements, I need to write Linux Shell Script(Bash shell). How to develop Linux Shell on Windows?

Is there any IDE for writing Linux Shell Scripting? Please share me some ideas and resource links.

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You have quite a number of options:


Install cygwin. It will give you a bash.


The minimal GNU for windows. Comes with set of commands, compilers. This came with my Git on Windows and now the default shell for small scripts

VM, such as VirtualBox

There are tons on VMs, VirtualBox being easy to use(it powers the Boot2Docker). You can do development and test on real Linux distros.

Ubuntu on Windows 10

There is new kid on the block. This allows you to run User Space Ubuntu using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). see more on it at Microsoft blog

Other notes/IDE support

Shell scripts should be small, requires less IDE etc. I use VIM with syntax highligthing. But it seems ShellED may be useful in your case. I got the link from answer for this question - Bash script plugin for Eclipse?

IntelliJ has couple of plugins too for Bash..

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