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Java Question

Setting ProGuard to obfuscate only my app's package

Trying to obfuscate using ProGuard but getting 3rd party libraries errors, so I'm excluding each package one by one:

-keepclassmembers class android.** {*;}
-keepclassmembers interface android.** {*;}

-keepclassmembers class** {*;}
-keepclassmembers interface** {*;}

Is there a way to whitelist only my package name?


Answer Source

According to your code you are just keeping class members not whole class. Use this to keep class as it is.

-keep class** {*;}

-keep interface** {*;}

You also can use this line to only obfuscate your own classes and accept everything else.

-keep class !com.yourpackage.**,!com.youranotherpackage.** { *; }

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