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Generating a list of certain instance variables

I'm creating a program that writes data to a database. I've created classes for each table and I wanted the class to be able to create its own INSERT statement. Since the member variables will be the columns of the database I thought it would be a good idea to grab them with

and write them into an INSERT statement. I didn't want to duplicate code so I made a Table class that has a
and used that to extend the other classes.

The issue is that there could be other instance variables that I need in these classes (such as
) that I don't want to become part of the INSERT statement. I also want to assign values to the columns so I don't think I can just put them in an array without duplicating (so if I add a column I would also need to add it to the array).

Here is what I have at the moment, which will include the tableName in the INSERT query:

public class Table {
public String buildSqlInsertQuery(Object obj, String tableName) {
Field[] fields = obj.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
String[] fieldNames = new String[fields.length];
String[] placeholders = new String[fields.length];
String placeholder = "?";

for (int x = 0; x < fields.length; x += 1) {
fieldNames[x] = fields[x].getName();
placeholders[x] = placeholder;

return joinInsertQuery(tableName, fieldNames, placeholders);

private String joinInsertQuery(String tableName, String[] fieldNames, String[] placeholders) {
String query = "INSERT INTO " + tableName + " (";
query += StringUtils.join(fieldNames, ",");
query += ") VALUES (";
query += StringUtils.join(placeholders, ",");
query += ")";

return query;

public class Addresses extends Table {
private final static String tableName = "Addresses";
public String idCustomers;
public String address1;
public String address2;
public String address3;
public String city;
public String state;
public String zip;
public String country;

public Addresses() {
System.out.println(buildSqlInsertQuery(this, this.tableName));

Is there a way that I can flag certain instance variables that should be considered a column (such as with an annotation) or am I going about this completely wrong?

Answer Source

One way, which you have mentioned, is to use annotation to identify the instance variable as table name. Just define an annotation as this:

public @interface TableAnnotation {


And annotate the field having the name of the table with this:

public class Addresses {

private String tableName = "Addresses";
public String idCustomers;
public String address1;

Now in your Table class, use reflection (which you are already doing) to figure out the field with this particular annotation:

      System.out.println("This field " + field.getName() + " is the name of   table");
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