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Make Doxygen interpret C# <code> XML documentation tag as \code

I'm working with doxygen and has encountered an issue, where the <code> in C# code documentation is interpreted differently that the \code command for doxy. Both seems to be interpreted as code, and both are typed in monospace fonts. But the \code encapsulates the code in a nice box and understands newline, while code in <code> is just printed out in one line with no box.

Is it possible to make doxy interpret <code> as \code?

Or before it interprets the documentation change the <code> to \code and </code> to \endcode to work around the problem?

I am aware I could just have \code and \endcode statements in the documented code segments, but I work with other tools like Resharper that interprets <code>, and will not understand \code. Having the code documentation as close the standard (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/5ast78ax.aspx) makes it easier to work with different tools.

Answer Source

The 1.8.2 version of doxygen has now fixed this error and the code tag is working as it should.

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