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Elastic search Update by Query to Update Complex Document

I have a use case of elastic search to update a doc.

My doc is something like this-

"first_name" : "firstName",
"last_name" : "lastName",
"version" : 1234,
"user_roles" : {
"version" : 12345,
"id" : 1234,
"name" : "role1"},
"groups" : [
"version" : 123,
{"id":123, "name" : "ashd"},
{"id":1234, "name" : "awshd"},

Now depepeding on some feed I will either will be updating the parent doc or will be updating the nested doc.

I am able to find how to update the basic attributes like firstName and lastName but unable to get how to update complex/nested ones

I did something like from REST client-

"script": {
"inline": "ctx._source.user_roles = { "id" : 5678, "name" :"hcsdl"}

but its giving me exception-

Actual use case-
I will actually be getting a Map in java.
This key can be simple key like "first_name" or can be complex key like "user_role" and "groups"
I want to update the document using update by query on version.

The code I wrote is something like-

for (String key : document.keySet()) {

String value = defaultObjectMapper.writeValueAsString(document.get(key));


where document is the Map
Now I might get the simple fields to update or complex object.
I tried giving keys like and and also tried giving complete user_roles but nothing is working.

Can someone helpout

Val Val
Answer Source

Try this with groovy maps instead of verbatim JSON inside your script:

"script": {
   "inline": "ctx._source.user_roles = [ 'id' : 5678, 'name' : 'hcsdl']}
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