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travis setup heroku command yields repository not known error

I am working through the Raild 4 In Action book. On Chapter 13: Deployment, page 464 it is having you do the final configuration for a deployment hook for

to push to your heroku app upon passing specs.

The book already had me do the following:

  • I entered the
    file in the root of my app.

  • I then went to
    and signed in via my Github account.

  • I then flipped the switch to on for my project.

  • Now when I do a
    git push
    I notice on
    that it does a build and it runs all my specs. It looks like it all passes. At the bottom it says
    Done. Your build exited with 0.

Ok now the deployment hook with heroku.

  • I do
    gem install travis
    to get the gem onto my computer

  • I then do
    travis login
    with a github token and it says:
    Successfully Logged in!

Now I run
travis setup heroku
and here is the error:

repository not known to

The book does not mention this error message. I attempted looking around and couldn't find anyone who had run into this problem.

How can I get the
travis setup heroku
command to do what it is supposed to do?


The issue is that my repo's name on Github is
and travis-ci for some reason thought it was
. The answer was to open up the following file from the root of my app:

vim .git/config

At the bottom I saw the following

slug = my_git_user_name/ticketee

and I had to change it to this:

slug = my_git_user_name/Ticketee

Answer Source

Looks like you're having a similar issue as described in this travis ci issue

To solve this issue, add the following in your .git/config file:

    slug = <user/org>/<repo>

make sure slug matches the case-sensitive URL structure you see in Travis.

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