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How to git merge changes from main branch to orphan branch without adding to orphan's history?

I have a git repository for my phd dissertation (in latex). The university policies does not allow me to share the background review chapter of my dissertation with my research adviser, I am free to share and get opinion for other chapters.

To share the repository with my advisor I created an orphan branch (noRevBranch) with the required chapter removed and pushed and tracked this branch to a new repository on github.
I can share this with his and he can not access the removed chapter because there is no history here.

The question is how do I merge any changes I make to the master branch in the future to the noRevBranch without also appending the master branch history to the new merge commit?

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You can leave the structure as its right now.
What you can do is to use git cherry-pick <range of commits> to commit all the new commits to the "orphan" branch.

git cherry-pick <SHA-1>...<SHA-1>

Apply the change introduced by the commit at the tip of the master branch and create a new commit(s) with this change.

The syntax of the ... is a commit range. grab all commits from start (exclude) to the last one.

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Read out the full git cherry-pick documentation for all the options you can use