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CSS Question

Margin is not working in Specific div content

Hello I am new in designing and I I want to set the div sequence But When I give margin to the specific div it apply to all div I used unique class but problem is same

here is link of site

enter image description here

I want align special offers like express shipping

Answer Source

You can add another property (display: flex;) in your css for .footer-top-inner.container-width (DIV containing your blocks)

<div class="footer-top-inner container-width">
    //your footerblocks


    display: flex;
    //if that doesn't work, you might want to use display: flex !important;

But the best way would be to add another class to this container, just to prevent our override messing your website :)

EDIT: To keep your website looking good, you can add another property within display: flex;

justify-content: space-between;

This should automatically align your footerblocks

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