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Check if event target is hyperlink

I have a large div inside there which are smaller divs, achor tags and other elements.
Each large div in my program is bound to "mousedown" event and inside the onMouseDown handler, I basically check the

If a user clicks on an items that is a hyper link, I want to check if was hyperlink and then navigate to that link if was a hyperlink. How can that be done?

Here's the structure of the divsa and elements.

<div class="camp-name">
<span class="btnCampaign"><div class=""></div></span>
<span class="campaign-name">
<a href="">Some Link here</a>
<div class="campaign-name-sub">
<span class="campaign-accountname">Some Text here</span>
<span class="seprator">|</span>
<span class="brandname">Some Text here</span>


var label = label.createElement("DIV");
label.innerHMTL = src //src is the above html that is seen here
Plugin.addEventListener(label, "mousedown", params.onMouseDown);

Plugin.onMouseDown() = function(event) {
var target = (event.currentTarget) ? event.currentTarget : event.srcElement;
if (target.tagName.toLowerCase() === "a" && target !== undefined) {

Answer Source

You should get it through

if( === 'a')
{; //this is the url where the anchor tag points to.
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