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Javascript Question

THREE.js Editor: How to access main script in an example

I can open the THREE.js editor at
I can open an example app e.g. PONG.
I can activate interactive animation by clicking on Play in the menu bar.
I can deactivate the animation by clicking on Stop in the menu bar.

I wish to edit the Main Script (the "Scene/Game logic" script) using the Editor as per this illustration:-

I can access Script controls for graphical objects. But how do I access the Main Script?

I am using

Opera version 28.0.1750.51
Laptop System: Windows 7 32-bit.

Answer Source

Aha. Got it.

Within the "SCENE" panel on the RHS of the Editor it is necessary to select the "Scene" object. This will add another panel called "SCENE" and below that there will be added another panel called "SCRIPT". (May need to scroll down to see it). The loaded "Game logic" script will be indicated. Just click on the "Edit" button to display the javascript in the main window of the Editor.

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