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Semantic Versioning (Caret)

I have a question related with the semantic versioning in projects where are in "beta" phase.

Imagine that I have a plugin and it's version is 1.1.1-beta.1,
some days before, I upgrade my plugin and then, the new version is 1.1.1-beta.2.

But... this new version has a break change with the 1.1.1-beta.1.

Should I change the version to 2.1.1-beta.1 or my current version is correct?

Thank you.

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Here are my assumptions...

You currently have a released version of 1.1.0. You are working on a patch release, that only makes bug fixes, hence why you are working on a beta version of 1.1.1.

During the development of those bugs, you introduce a breaking change. As a result of this breaking change, the next release number should be 2.0.0.

You only ever change one number at a time with Semantic Versioning, and when you do, all number to the right of that number go to zero.

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