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AngularJS Question

Sequential Angular stateProvider resolves

I need to perform router resolves in order. Meaning first run

http call, when that finishes, run
resolve. How can I do this?

state('sign-up', {
url : '/sign-up',
templateUrl: '/html/pages/registration.html',
controller: 'signupCtrl',
resolve : {
// Load profile first, then check if they are subscribed
ProfileLoaded : ['$rootScope', function ($rootScope) {
return $rootScope.loadProfile();
// Then check Access
access: ['Access', function (Access) {
return Access.isSubscribed();

is an AJAX
request and, where
relies on the loaded profile to perform auth'ed routing.

The logical choice would be to put
as a callback in
, but don't want it to get messy.

Answer Source

Assuming $rootScope.loadProfile returns a promise, simply add the required resolve property as a dependency, eg

access: ['Access', 'ProfileLoaded', function(Access, ProfileLoaded) {
    return Access.isSubscribed();


Dependencies of invocables are resolved (in this order of precedence)

  • from the specified locals
  • from another invocable that is part of this $resolve call
  • from an invocable that is inherited from a parent call to $resolve (or recursively from any ancestor $resolve of that parent).


Invocables are invoked eagerly as soon as all dependencies are available.

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