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C# Question

What the C# equivalent of "mklink /J"?

I know how to create a symbolic link in windows in a .bat script:

mklink /J <LinkPath> <OriginalResourcePath>

How to do the same thing in C# ?

I've not been happy with the googling, because i'm a beginner in C# and I probably don't use the right terms. Anybody can indicate the API to use please ?

Answer Source

Here's a code example:

namespace ConsoleApplication
    class Program
        static extern bool CreateSymbolicLink(
        string lpSymlinkFileName, string lpTargetFileName, SymbolicLink dwFlags);

        enum SymbolicLink
            File = 0,
            Directory = 1

        static void Main(string[] args)
            string symbolicLink = @"c:\bar.txt";
            string fileName = @"c:\temp\foo.txt";

            using (var writer = File.CreateText(fileName))
                writer.WriteLine("Hello World");

            CreateSymbolicLink(symbolicLink, fileName, SymbolicLink.File);

This will create a symbolic link file called bar.txt on the C:-drive which links to the foo.txt text file stored in the C:\temp directory.

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