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Subdomain not working in Microsoft Azure

I have hosted my project in Microsoft Azure by creating Linux VM. I have used Ubuntu 16.04 for my VM. I have created a subdomain there with the name app so that i can access my website as

I have purchased the domain from . I have also pointed my website there & created a A record there.

All are working fine & i can access both my main domain & subdomain like & but after couple of day the subdomain stop working

Please help.

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According to your description, maybe we can use nslookup to test domain name. Like this:

Server:  UnKnown
Address:  2404:f801:10:12e:fe::2

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Then we can find the Azure VM's public IP address via Azure portal, if the IP address have changed, we should replace the right public IP address to A record.

By the way, in Azure the public IP address we should use static IP, in this way, public IP address will not change.

Can your browse your website in your Azure VM? use curl localhost.

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