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How to make table for employee attendance system?

I want to make data table for employee attendance management system, which may takes employee Id, employee Name, employee Entry, employee break in, employee break out, employee exit. you may suggest me some more fields if you like to suggest.

I have made three tables : 1. Employee: ( employeeId, employeeName) 2. Attendance: ( Id, employeeName, action, actionTime) 3. Action: ( Id, actionName). What I am doing wrong and what should I do for Improvements. Thanks in Advance for help.

There is picture of my home page that I am making an app in Django

Home page

Answer Source

With the given information,you can normalize your tables like below.

 Employee: ( EmployeeId (PK), EmployeeName)
 Action: ( ActionId (PK), ActionName)
 Attendance: ( AttendanceId (PK), EmployeeId (FK), ActionID(FK), ActionTime) 
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