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git grep and xargs in Windows Batch file?

I am trying to create a Windows friendly

implementation of the following
script. The top few lines are all fine, just add
and cd is fine. git grep is fine, however,
isn't... What would the
git grep | xargs
logic look like in



# Call git grep to find all js files with the appropriate comment tags,
# and only then pass it to JSDoc which will parse the JS files.
# This is a whole lot faster than calling JSDoc recursively.
git grep -al "@summary" | xargs -L ${INFINITY} -t \
"$TOPDIR/node_modules/.bin/jsdoc" \
-t "$TOPDIR/jsdoc/docdata-jsdoc-template" \
-c "$TOPDIR/jsdoc/jsdoc-conf.json" \
2>&1 | grep -v 'WARNING: JSDoc does not currently handle'

Answer Source

Any recent Git for Windows release has more than 200 Linux commands packaged in it.

Add to your PATH <path\to\Git\usr\bin and you will have xargs.

vonc@VONCM D:\prgs\git\PortableGit-2.9.2-64-bit\usr\bin
> dir xargs.exe

 Directory of D:\prgs\git\PortableGit-2.9.2-64-bit\usr\bin

20/01/2016  10:17            64 058 xargs.exe
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