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How to Enabling ProGuard obfuscation in Android Studio?

I have to protect my app by enabling Proguard obfuscation in Android Studio. I have searched for the process of how to apply it but i did not get any clear solution. When i try it, i always get an error. So can anyone tell me the clear steps to apply it in my app?

I am doing this by the following steps:

  1. In Android Studio, open up an Android project.

  2. Change to Project View.

  3. Change the following line:

    minifyEnable false
    minifyEnable true

  4. Set ProGuard Rules(optional)

    4.1 In Project View, select the file.

    4.2 Add in the following lines to tell ProGuard not to obfuscate certain classes.

    -keepclassmembers class com.dom925.xxxx
    public *

Error that I am getting by following the steps are

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:packageRelease'.
Unable to compute hash of D:\Android\Pojectname\app\build\intermediates\classes-proguard\release\classes.jar

Answer Source

I figured out the problem:

Open up the for your project and add this to the bottom:

-dontwarn java.nio.file.Files
-dontwarn java.nio.file.Path
-dontwarn java.nio.file.OpenOption
-dontwarn org.codehaus.mojo.animal_sniffer.IgnoreJRERequirement

Basically how I solved it was this I tried to run my app in 'release' mode and got a bunch of errors similar to this guy here:

I pretty much followed what he said and fixed it.

Hope this can help others with generating their APK's!

visit more detail here :

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:packageRelease'. > Unable to compute hash of /../AndroidStudioProjects/../classes.jar

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