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MySQL Question

How to maintain chat data?

I have a curious question...
I wanted to know how to maintain chat data in a database.
I have been using a php-mysql application, that stores chat data of users in a database.

Now my question is that, if the chat data increases, say, to some millions of records, how to store it? Does mysql support it, or have any limitations or burden ?

Take the example of gmail chat. I can chat unlimited and can also retrieve all my previous chat data. How is it possible ?

Can anyone answer this typical question of myne ?

Answer Source

MySQL will happily store millions, even billions of records; but some of the numeric types won't be enough: see this for the maxima of numeric types. As you can see, it would be better to use BIGINT UNSIGNED for e.g. autoincrement fields.

Performance may become a problem for large tables, but that can be mostly solved with indexes (meaning "I've seen performance decrease somewhere around the 100GB mark in a similar situation").

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