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C# Question

Replace host in Uri

What is the nicest way of replacing the host-part of an Uri using .NET?


string ReplaceHost(string original, string newHostName);
string s = ReplaceHost("http://oldhostname/index.html", "newhostname");
Assert.AreEqual("http://newhostname/index.html", s);
string s = ReplaceHost("http://user:pass@oldhostname/index.html", "newhostname");
Assert.AreEqual("http://user:pass@newhostname/index.html", s);
string s = ReplaceHost("ftp://user:pass@oldhostname", "newhostname");
Assert.AreEqual("ftp://user:pass@newhostname", s);

System.Uri does not seem to help much.

Answer Source

System.UriBuilder is what you are after...

string ReplaceHost(string original, string newHostName) {
    var builder = new UriBuilder(original);
    builder.Host = newHostName;
    return builder.Uri.ToString();
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