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Detect Android N version code

Is it possible to detect if an user is running Android N?

I have a Nexus 6 with the Android N Developer Preview. If I try to get the build version with

, it returns 23 which is equal to Android Marshmallow.

Answer Source

Quoting myself:

Following the approach that Google used for the M Developer Preview, you can check Build.VERSION.CODENAME instead:

public static boolean iCanHazN() {

I haven't looked at Build.VERSION.RELEASE, as suggested by zgc7009's comment, though that too may be a possibility.

Also, if you are reading this from the far future, where Android N has shipped in final form, you should be able to use Build.VERSION.SDK_INT and Build.VERSION_CODES.N. The above hack is due to the idiosyncrasies of how Google handles these developer previews.

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